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Photo Speak II: New Gurdwara, Malaysia (KL) 1964

& Giani/Granthis related
Work in progress

Personalities, memories, milestones, adventures etc etc from family albums started by Bapu ji, Giani Harchand Singh Bassian of Malaysia. Recent prompt by youngest brother Dya Singh of Oz when visiting UK.  Click on photos to see full images.

Baba Sohan Singh (Malaca) & Giani Harchand Singh Bassia 
Gurdwara foundation laying ardaas (23.08.1963)
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Swari of Sri Guru Granth Sahib being
taken from old gurdwara building to the new gurdwara.
Giani Harchand Singh Bassian leading Sangat. (1 March 1964)

Kirtan Giani Harchand Singh Bassian with young Dya Singh

Baba Sohan Singh of Malaca (Malaysia)
A pat for young Dya Singh (now of Australia)

New Gurdwara:

A Giani/Granthis Samelan Malaysia

Local Sikhs celebrating a national event in Malaysia

Penang: 1955 (Bapu ji, Giani Harchand Singh Bassian seated 1st left facing the photo.)
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