Thursday, 19 July 2012

Photo Speak II: New Gurdwara, Malaysia (KL) 1964

& Giani/Granthis related
Work in progress

Personalities, memories, milestones, adventures etc etc from family albums started by Bapu ji, Giani Harchand Singh Bassian of Malaysia. Recent prompt by youngest brother Dya Singh of Oz when visiting UK.  Click on photos to see full images.

Baba Sohan Singh (Malaca) & Giani Harchand Singh Bassia 
Gurdwara foundation laying ardaas (23.08.1963)
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Swari of Sri Guru Granth Sahib being
taken from old gurdwara building to the new gurdwara.
Giani Harchand Singh Bassian leading Sangat. (1 March 1964)

Kirtan Giani Harchand Singh Bassian with young Dya Singh

Baba Sohan Singh of Malaca (Malaysia)
A pat for young Dya Singh (now of Australia)

New Gurdwara:

A Giani/Granthis Samelan Malaysia

Local Sikhs celebrating a national event in Malaysia

Penang: 1955 (Bapu ji, Giani Harchand Singh Bassian seated 1st left facing the photo.)
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 Gurmukh Singh
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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Photo speak (Album I)

Work in progress
Personalities, memories, milestones, adventures etc etc from family albums started by Bapu ji, Giani Harchand Singh Bassian of Malaysia.  Recent prompt by youngest brother Dya Singh of Oz when visiting UK in July 2012.

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In the beginning:

Bebay ji (Harminder Kaur)


Bapu ji (1909 to 1975) preparing "Bassian" photo albums (1969)

With Malaysian students in London 1968.
Ardaas : Laying foundation of new Gurdwara- Baba Sohan Singh (Malaca) & Bapu ji 

Photos not in any order.
Scholars: At least I was with them, if not one of them!
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"Distortion of history, Dr Rahi ? Is that not what the rulers always do?"  


Top of Ayer's Rock, Central Oz. (Sacred Uluru)
Baldev & Gurmukh

& someone making an excuse that Uluru Rock is too sacred to climb!


A "sant" gainfully employed for a change ! 

"Now, TV wala sahib, if all sants follow in this sant's footsteps, less damage would be done to Sikh heritage, and Punjab would smell fresher !"

 "Thank you for your advice Sardar Sahib.  Here is a siropa !"

The forgotten hero of Indian independence: General Mohan Singh Indian National Army.

World of religion:

"Its OK! He is singing Oz version of Sri Raag."

With Classical Maestro Giani Darshan Singh Sohal (Almast Ghrana): "World music, Giani ji; not khichri raag !"

Jathedar Vedanti, Giani Gurbakhsh Singh Gulshan: "Here is THE Sikh Reht Maryada - do read it sometime!"

Gurmat Gian Missionary College, Ludhiana

Sikh identity

Malay, Chinese, Tamil & Sikh:  Message on the back of the photo received: "To Zulu, With best wishes, Yrs. sincerely, Koo Kian Tin."
(But Zulu the artist, is missing: King Edward VII Taiping, Malaysia 1957)

French Dastaar & French Sikh students

 Europe (Geneva 1986)

Cologne (1994): Transonic Wind-tunnel Project
Cllr Baldev Singh Dhaliwal JP in Oz (Riverland Council)

South Australia
in London Ken Livingstone

Lord Slim & Lord King : "You mean the "Forgotten Army" - not the "sleeping army"!

May 2007: Baroness Amos, Leader of the House of Lords

Returning him to you Mrs Singh ! (June 1996)

Harpal Batala Christian College 1960

Justice of Peace in Oz  - peak view!

Never mind the peak.  Look at the view from here!

In progress
"From "Bassian" family albums.

Gurmukh Singh
May be used with acknowledgement.